Despite of the fact that an average cloud web hosting account is usually created automatically, there are still smaller configuration tasks that are handled manually by the web hosting provider. Installing a virtual or a dedicated server usually takes more efforts due to the fact that a lot of time is spent to install and configure the software and hardware platform, and after that test the machine so as to warrant its optimal functioning before it's handed over to the end user. In order to cover the amount of time spent on that, a number of providers have an installation charge which you have to pay when you order your brand new web hosting plan. In many cases, that charge won't appear before you reach the payment page and you won't notice it before that on the main page next to the website hosting plan characteristics. In the general case, this fee is one-time and it will range from a small to a significant amount of money depending upon the supplier.

Setup Fee in Cloud Web Hosting

If you obtain a cloud web hosting plan from us, you won't ever be required to pay any kind of installation fees. In fact, we do not have other hidden charges of any sort too. We respect every customer and it's our belief that if you obtain any sort of plan through us, you should not pay something more than the charge for your website hosting package. You will not discover any hidden charges before or after your purchase, which will show you that we're a dependable and loyal supplier. The price of your shared website hosting plan is identical all around on our web site - the main page, the order and payment pages. As we supply real-time account activation, you won't need to wait for hours or days in order to begin setting up your site.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you purchase a semi-dedicated server package through us, your initial payment will be identical to all renewal payments for the subsequent months. We do not have any setup charges, or any hidden costs of any sort, for that matter. We appreciate a business partnership based on mutual trust a lot more than a few extra dollars, which means that even if you already have a shared web hosting plan with us and you want to transfer all of your data to a brand new semi-dedicated server, so as to get a more powerful website hosting alternative, we will do everything for you at no extra fee apart from the regular monthly fee for your brand new package. The creation of a semi-dedicated account is nearly fully automated, and we consider that charging you anything for that wouldn't be justified.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers lack any installation or other hidden charges. Through the registration process, you'll pay just the monthly rate for the plan that you have selected. As soon as you submit your order, we'll put together and try your brand new machine, and then we'll set up all of the software that you will need in order to have a fully functional server - Operating System, website hosting Control Panel in case you've picked one, web server, MySQL, etc. All these tasks are a part of the package and they come completely free, therefore the signup payment and your forthcoming renewal payments will be equivalent. If the server is equipped with our Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you have a shared web hosting account through our company, we will even transfer your content on your new server at no extra charge.